Monday, August 10, 2009

Chelsea 2 - ManU 2

hhahaahaha....what a great start for chelsea this season, we r beating ManU for da great start of season here...but even chel menang i still not satisfied dgn tempat yang my friend "Paan" pilih..dude,dat place xcukup meriah la...hopefully next time we can find da other place k..tu la ko degil sgt la,i've told u to watching at laundry bar..mesti situ fun gler kot,but bcoz of dat bufday boy malas nk bertekak panjang2..just follow je even i got the other intresting place to suggest..but dah menang kira ape ye tak...kat mana pun we r still can be happy...Chelsea r great

p/s:bila la nak sempat g beli jersi baru ni...nununu

I'm at Terengganu

mornin i've arrived at PAKA for my SAP project but look like this place not welcoming us at all coz smp2 jew trus
heeeemmmm...look like our tour at here not like as we r planning..hopefully 2mrw morning keje xde bny menunggu we all coz dlm perjalanan tadi pun xbnyk yang menarik coz mostly i was sleeping in da car...hahahha so bley la nk curi tulang skit nnt...
2mrw i'll update more about me at PAKA k..if there r issues la...hu3..ZZzzZZzzz..bye